How to reach trucks and counterbalance trucks compare and differ

Reach truck offer maximum lift height capacity with incredible maneuverability and, for these .reasons, they are best suited to warehouse operations. The name takes influence from the machine’s ability to ‘reach’ out further than its stabilizing legs. This makes it incredibly easy to reach out into racking and allows the truck to lift up to great heights in very tight working environments. The stabilizing legs and batteries within a reach truck eradicates out the need for a counterweight also.

Difference between reach and counterbalance truck

This type of forklift truck is extremely well suited to indoor use but is not completely ideal for the outdoors. The low under-carriage clearance can cause issues, especially on uneven surfaces. In addition to this, the electric power systems can also suffer from contact issues if regularly shaken around due to uneven surfaces. A Counterbalance truck can lift and move a load without the use of outriggers to stabilize the unit properly where it needs to be set. These forklifts usually have the counterbalance attached to the back of the forklift. In fact, in a battery-operated forklift, the batteries themselves act as the counterbalance, as they can weigh several thousand pounds.

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